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Revision Courses
English GCSE
Maths GCSE
Science GCSE
Revision Skills
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A Maths revision course is offered for students at Foundation level aiming to achieve a pass at level 4 or 5. Students who feel daunted by the subject indeed who may well be struggling are helped to achieve the success that will allow them to offer proof of number competence, the desired and demanded benchmark. A carefully tailored individual programme of work targets weaknesses and quickly restores confidence. Although highly structured the process remains engaging and true mastery of the foundation skills often brings a happy realisation that can inform all aspects of a student’s academic progress. AQA and Edexcel examination board requirements are covered.


English Language and Literature revision courses are offered that will enable students to achieve the highest grade (9). Courses are based on a thorough knowledge of syllabus requirements including u pro date appraisals of examiners’ comments to ensure relevance and give students an edge in successfully satisfying exam board requirements. AQA Edexcel and IGCSE examination board requirements are covered.


GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics revision courses are offered that cater for students aiming for grade 9. The examination courses are rigorous but with the right approach and professional guidance the highest grades are indeed achievable. A revision study course will address and quickly improve any areas that are not fully operational, fully understood. An individualised approach utilising a variety of media will be employed to enable the student to gain real competence and confidence. AQA and Edexcel examination board requirements are covered.


All Sciences are offered at GCSE level by tutors who have a track record of ensuring students attain the highest grades. The new 9 – 1 examinations for 2018 have been designed as a rigorous test that require careful, indeed meticulous preparation. Tutors employ a variety of methods to deliver the courses in an attractive and interesting format that whilst covering all syllabus objective challenges and recruits the intellectual curiosity of the students.

History, Religious Education, Psychology and Sociology

The Humanities subjects, History and Religious Education are taught in an exciting innovative style by Elite Tutors. The subjects are of course complimentary and fit well together, both refining those modes of enquiry that foster insights to our current position and the state of our world. A trite cliche perhaps but of itself noteworthy. “…those who forget that past are doomed to repeat it.”


The Social Sciences are catered for in the two subjects Elite cover, namely Sociology and Psychology. The objective scientific study od society at an introductory level is made exciting and engenders that spirit of enquiry when delivered by tutors who have the experience to make society come alive. Their ability to foster this all rounded approach to academic success and social confidence.