Entrance Exams

At Elite, we take a fun, yet traditional approach to learning. We believe that every learner is different and therefore we always tailor our sessions to work with each individual's unique way of learning. It is important that our students enjoy their sessions with us - we don’t believe that education has to be old school and stuffy, learning should be fun!

Although fun is an important part of our mission statement, so is working hard. We don’t accept laziness - we want to get the best out of our students and really push them to reach their goals and feel proud of themselves.

Aside from the subjects themselves, we also work on transferable skills such as creative problem solving and communication, which are abilities that will be beneficial throughout their lives.


Previous students whom have come to us for help to pass entrance exams, have successfully gained places in

Ardingly College, Brighton College, Brighton and Hove High School for Girls and Bedes School.