At Elite Tutors we strive to deliver GCSE courses in a challenging engaging motivational format.  Built in to all courses are on-going systematic techniques for success, exam skills, study skills and revision skills that bring a coherence and confidence to student learning.

We cater for all syllabuses, Edexcel, AQA, OCR etc. 

Subjects we cover


We support students who find Maths difficult - even daunting ! Our expertise lies in demystifying the subject - building confidence and competence that ensures Grades IV and V are obtained. Thus we do not cater for students preparing for success above level V. We realise the crucial importance of obtaining the “demanded” foundation benchmarks at GCSE level and diagnose and remediate weaknesses that see students grow in confidence and quickly progress.

English (Lit & Lang)

We guide inspire and support our students to develop the skills to obtain level 9 in both the Language and Literature papers. Experienced tutors operate a friendly, structured approach to address any areas of weakness and strategise engaging content to bring success. Students are taught to enjoy language, as they develop and hone those skills that are vital in their continuing education and required as proof of competence to proceed to higher study.


All Sciences are offered at GCSE level by tutors who have a track record of ensuring students attain the highest grades. The new 9 – 1 examinations for 2018 have been designed as a rigorous test that require careful, indeed meticulous preparation. Tutors employ a variety of methods to deliver the courses in an attractive and interesting format that whilst covering all syllabus objectives challenges and recruits the intellectual curiosity of the students.


Often referred to as the hardest of the humanities, History is delivered by expert tutors who are well able to develop those cognitive skills that produce real intellectual growth. As they move from recall right through the taxonomy to evaluation students develop the ability to interrogate documents, manipulate data and after rigorous analysis reach conclusions, judgements that enable them to realise that they, through their operations on these critical narratives have indeed formed insights. The effect on their general learning and progress is truly catalytic.


Geography can be approached as an integral part of the knowledge area we call the Humanities, it is also as Human Geography a Social Science, and further Physical Geography, belongs to the Physical Sciences. The main syllabuses (Aqa and Edexcel) cater for these different approaches to by offering options that address the specific stress being delivered. Elite tutors are able to ensure students are prepared for the latest syllabus in a manner that is engaging, innovative and builds those skills required by the course option that has been chosen.

Religious Education

One could easily state that there has never been more importance in modern society to pursue studies that whilst strengthening our learning skills also allow us to make sense of our increasingly polarised world. A world where fundamentalism and terrorism have shattered old certainties and forced us to examine and analyse the mechanisms that have enmeshed us all in a dangerous new environment. Religious Education offers a way into understanding these new forces, making at least some sense out of chaos. We are experts at preparing students for examinations.

Revision Skills/Exam Technique